Marketo Email Template Builder

Marketo Email Template Builder

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Template Builder

Fast, intuitive drag and drop builder with an extensive library of ready-made, Litmus-tested building blocks

Our drag and drop editor provides instant, immersive visuals empowering you to quickly build and change templates with zero coding experience. Purposely locked-down building blocks prevent users from accessing the source code to remove unnecessary complexity, enabling editors to concentrate on adding content.
Email Template Builder
  • Template Library

    A visual collection of your templates

    An easy to navigate grid containing snapshots of your latest templates with quick links to preview or edit a template in the builder.

    Email Builder Template Library
  • Brand Guidelines

    Developed with an emphasis on building templates which adhere to strict brand guidelines

    A centralised location to add and update your brand's colours, typography, logos and design preferences. Maintain a consistent brand by granting only specific users with editing privileges.

    Email Builder Brand Guidelines
  • On-brand Templates

    A precise set of styling options prevents users from creating off-brand designs

    Make styling changes to individual building blocks by selecting only the options specified on the Brand Guidelines page. As your brand guidelines change, so will the colours, typography and design options in the template builder.

    Email Builder On-brand Templates
  • Developer Support

    Request development tasks from your account's dedicated team of coders

    If you need tweaks and changes making to an email template, simply submit a development task request and let our Marketo template experts do the rest.

    Email Builder Developer Suppor

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